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woman-shopping-2.jpgLow Price Guarantee  – Accutech has the lowest rates in the industry and maintains those same low rates throughout the life of your Merchant Account.  In addition, Accutech provides you with a Low Price Guarantee on all the Business Solutions and Merchant Services we offer.

Outstanding Customer Service – is your assurance that the day to day operation of your business is our top priority.  At Accutech, Your Merchant Account comes first!

Experience– Accutech representatives have been serving the Merchant Services community for over 35 years.  This translates to rapid and accurate solutions insuring your Merchant Account remains active and efficient.

Advanced Technology - Whether your Merchant Account requires the latest wireless technology, cell phone solution, point-of-sale terminal or land line based technology, Accutech has the ideal solution for your business at the lowest possible cost.


Putting the Right People and the Right Systems together to Grow Your Company.
Accutech Merchant Services is a recognized leader in the Merchant Services Industry, providing high quality low cost solutions to the merchant community for over thirty five years.  As a Premium Merchant Processor, Accutech's primary goal is the success of your business.  We are dedicated to providing you with premium services designed to save you time and money.





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Put Your Business on the Right Track by Selecting a partner with a Track Record of Success.  Accutech, helping businesses do business since 1977.

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